Tuesday, April 26, 2011

food trucks

a proposal for Detroit
Each neighborhood launches a food truck that features a local dish.

The truck is a community kitchen and roving cafe.
Once a week, each truck goes to a different neighborhood

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  1. bummer, lost the first draft logging in.

    try again.

    Love it! I was just in portland last week where there are lots of em. It seems there was an effort to develop policies at the city level which supported carts close to residential areas, making it much more tractable. That and I think they may have made it a bit easier in certification etc. Needs research. So now you can go to a grilled cheese bus on Alberta and get a provolone, peanut butter and pickle sandwich in what used to be (6 years ago) an empty lot.

    From what I gather from my Detroit peeps, the obstacles are a bit messy for the lone fruit salad entrepreneur.

    I had a brainbleed the other day where I imagined a quick start training course providing community support, knowledge or various sorts, and bureaucratic pommel horse vaulting (complete with certificate) that would enable cart masters to get up and running with their Belle Isle ragu in no time.

    Besides, my friend John has an ice cream truck in his eastside neighborhood that is all raised up with sweet rims and ground effects. Like.